• Spinneys Dubai LLC
Spinneys History:
Spinneys was first formed in Alexandria, Egypt in 1924 by Arthur Rawdon Spinney, an officer in the British army, who identified a need for imported food products. By 1939 Spinneys supplied food to more than 20,000 people in Iraq and during World War II the company catered to all the Allied Forces in North Africa.

Spinneys started trading in Dubai in 1961 and opened its first supermarket in 1962 in Deira, today better known as Al Nasr Square. In those days it became locally known as ‘The Frozen Chicken’ because it was the first retailer in the area to sell frozen chicken and with a reputation for innovation Spinneys has been through many changes throughout the years.
Spinneys Today:
Today, Spinneys is one of the leading supermarket chains in the UAE with almost 60 supermarkets in the group.

Owned by UAE national, Mr. Ali Albwardy, Spinneys Dubai LLC has built a strong and well-deserved reputation for freshness and customer service. Food safety, quality, freshness and service have been the main drivers at Spinneys since the company’s inception and this has translated itself into the tagline for the brand – The fresher experience.
Recent developments:
Spinneys constantly monitors shopper trends and reacts quickly to customer suggestions and feedback. By listening to customers Spinneys identified a need for quality assured meats and meat products, consistent in taste and availability. To satisfy this need Spinneys researched international best practices and built a centralised chilled meat processing plant in the UAE to supply prepared meat and meat products of superior quality to all Spinneys stores.

Today Spinneys operates a world-class facility and one of the largest chilled meat processing plants in the region - Spinneys Fresh Food Industries LLC (SFFI) based in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Also in development is a central kitchen and bakery to further meet the needs of the Spinneys customer in terms of range, safety and quality.

All products from the central production units are fully traceable from the farm to our shelves, which allow Spinneys to have direct control over the quality, availability and the uniqueness of the range in store.

All Spinneys stores are updated and maintained with customer needs in mind. Every store is well-presented, warm and welcoming to ensure that the customer’s visits are hassle-free and enjoyable.

At Spinneys customers are assured not only of fresh, safe, quality products but they also enjoy a store ambience that makes shopping enjoyable and stress free. Excellent service and friendly, knowledgeable staff is an integral part of the Spinneys experience.
Spinneys Sourcing
Spinneys as a premium retailer dedicated to supplying a range of safe, quality products to our target consumer.

All products must be HACCP (Hazard Analysis at Critical Control Points) approved and produced in an ethical manner.

For products produced under the Spinneys brand the following additional details must be adhered to:
  • All products must be HACCP approved and the report and certificate must be forwarded to the Spinneys Food Safety and Hygiene (FSH) team prior to approval and on an annual basis.
  • Suppliers must have adequate traceability and incoming materials quality assurance systems in place for all Spinneys branded products and their packaging.
  • Suppliers must carry out routine quality monitoring of products packed for Spinneys and retain batch samples for each delivery.
  • Suppliers must document and share with the FSH team at Spinneys the complete details of the production methods used and highlight provenance and traceability of the ingredients and production methods where possible