• Galvanizing Services

Galvanizing Services Establishment has been serving UAE and other gulf countries in providing the most cost effective way to protect steel against corrosion through Hot Dip Galvanizing and painting process since 1982. Hot dip galvanizing process protects steel from corrosion in an economical and environmentally friendly manner and considerably increases the service life of the steel. Hot-dip galvanized surfaces are protected from wind and the weather and is also optimally protected from mechanical exposure. Under normal conditions, hot-dip galvanizing will protect steel against corrosion for up to 50 years and generally more than 25 years in the case of higher exposure levels.

Our galvanizing technology is the best method to protect structure steel against corrosion hence protecting the environment.

At galvanizing services our staff is committed to provide our customer with courteous, expedient , and professional service of the highest caliber.


    Head of Business

  • Mahmoud Gassim